Scams and Shams: Avoiding Travel and Vacation Scams

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by Tim Church


BRANSON, Mo. – In an effort to bring additional awareness to residents, is teaming up with the Better Business Bureau in Springfield to present a better understanding of the latest scams and shams affecting the area.

In our first edition of “Scams and Shams,” BBB Regional Director Stephanie Garland introduces us to one one of the most common scams happening in the Branson area: Travel and Vacation scams. Ranked as number eight on the BBB’s Top 10 Riskiest Scams of 2017 list, Garland shares people fall victim to travel and vacation scammers more often than one would think:



Garland explains if you’re asked to use a certain title company or escrow agent, those are just a couple of signs that you may be walking into an elaborate scam:



Garland adds if you believe someone has tried to scam you, you should contact your local authorities first, but also report the attempted scam to the BBB here and the Missouri Attorney General here.