Funny Money Lands Two in Baxter County Jail

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by Shannon Cay


MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. – Attempting to pass funny money in Baxter County over the weekend lands two people in jail.

According to the arrest report, 29-year-old Gregory Wiley from Berryville allegedly tried to pass a fake 20-dollar bill stamped “copy” at the Junction Liquor Store in Big Flat on Friday.

Sometime afterward, the Marshall Police Department picked up Wiley because he was found in the car with juveniles who had also been caught trying to pass a counterfeit 20-dollar bill at a store in Searcy County.

Since then, Wiley has been transferred back to Baxter County, where he remains in custody in lieu of a 5-thousand-dollar bond.

Baxter County Sheriff John Montgomery says a second incident happened at the Royal 66 Club near Mountain Home on Saturday. According to the report, 21-year-old Garson Dodge from Mountain Home is accused of attempting to pass a fake 100-dollar bill at the bar. Montgomery says the phony bill was specifically labeled, “for motion picture use only.”

His bond has also been set at 5-thousand dollars. Both men face forgery charges and will appear in court on Thursday.