City Launches Survey Regarding 50-Man Statue

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by Sam Clanton


BRANSON, Mo. – The City of Branson is asking for the public’s input before deciding what to do with a 50-man, World War 2-themed soldier statue that’s currently in storage.

The city has negotiated a monthly storage contract with Hollister Properties, L.P., and on Wednesday launched a community survey asking residents if they’d like to see the city keep the statue or sell it, and where people would like to see it displayed.

One local business would like to see the life-size, 15-ton bronze statue displayed outside in front of its location on Highway 76. Project Manager for the Veterans Memorial Museum Geoff Gardisky attended the city council meeting Tuesday night, and told aldermen his team could relocate the statue within three weeks if approved by the board…



Gardisky says the museum would absorb all the costs associated with relocating the statue, and has everything in line pursuant to a request for proposals initiated by the city last year.

The city purchased the statue, titled “Storming the Beach,” and two other statues for a total of 1-million dollars in 2015.

All three were previously owned by the Veterans Memorial Museum, but ended up in the ownership of Cornerstone Bank of York, Nebraska following an auction in 2013.

Photo: This is a composite rendering of the 50-man statue at the proposed location adjacent to Highway 76 in front of the Veterans Memorial Museum. Project Manager Geoff Gardisky submitted this photo to aldermen on Tuesday.