C&H Hog Farms Appeal Continues

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by Shannon Cay


MOUNT JUDEA, Ark. – A judge rules that two environmental groups can intervene in an Arkansas hog farm’s appeal of its permit denial.

C&H Hog Farms has appealed the state Department of Environmental Quality’s January denial of its operating permit to the Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission.

The commission’s judge ruled the Ozark Society and the Buffalo River Watershed Alliance could intervene in the appeal. Both groups oppose the farm’s permit application, however, it is unclear how they will be able to participate.

Locally, Newton and Boone Counties have passed resolutions to send to Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson stating that they support the operations of the C&H Hog Farm.

According to the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality, the permit was denied because the owner of the hog farm didn’t review the groundwater flow direction or develop an emergency action plan.

The hearing is scheduled for Aug. 6th to the 8th.