Hog Farm’s Permit Pending with ADEQ

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by Shannon Cay


MOUNT JUDEA, Ark. – Operators of a Newton County, Arkansas hog farm are unclear when they’ll learn the outcome of their request for a new permit for their concentrated animal feeding operation.

C&H Hog Farm applied in April 2016 for a permit on liquid animal waste systems for the farm near Mount Judea, according to its owners.

The farm has been operating on an indefinite extension of an expired Regulation six permits. The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality discontinued those particular types of permits in mid’ 2016.

C&H has become the target of groups who fear the farm is an environmental risk to the Buffalo River due to the amount of manure produced by the operation.

Owners of the C&H Hog Farm say they have applied for a Regulation Five permit, which is similar to the regulation six permit but has different notification and periodic renewal requirements.

A spokesman for the Department of Environmental Quality says the permit is still under review.