Carroll County to get New Recording Equipment

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by Shannon Cay


BERRYVILLE, Ark. – In preparation for some high profile cases in Carroll County Circuit Court, Justices of the Peace approve funding for new wireless recording equipment and installation.

According to the agenda notes, with the exception of Justices Chuck Olson and John Howerton not in attendance, the quorum court unanimously voted in favor of the 16-thousand 229 dollar appropriation ordinance.

Justice of the Peace Jack Deaton…



Asst. Prosecuting Attorney Devon Goodman says the current equipment used in the courtroom has been around since she began her job in 2005. She says it is hard to show evidence on a fuzzy projector with inaudible video clips. Up until October, the county had been recording its meetings and for youtube. However, the recording had been fuzzy and hard to understand so the county dropped doing that, all together.

Deaton says he has been working on finding a company to get a new security system installed in the courtroom, especially for Circuit Court.

This was the only issue discussed at the meeting that night.