Man Charged in Traffic Stop Bound Over

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by Sam Clanton


FORSYTH, Mo. – A man charged with possession of a controlled substance and unlawful possession of a firearm following a traffic stop in Branson waives his preliminary hearing and is bound over to Taney County Circuit Court for arraignment.

Twenty-seven-year-old Justin Walsh-Peterson of Branson is scheduled to enter his plea on February 1st. According to court records, Judge Tiffany Yarnell reduced his bond to 5-thousand dollars cash or surety, by an agreement of parties.

Two other suspects charged in the October 28th incident, 29-year-old Matthew Bressman and 30-year-old Gregory Komer, both of Springfield, return to court January 18th and 22nd, respectively.

According to information provided by Branson Police, the arresting officer recovered drugs, a firearm and property stolen from several vehicles in the area from the suspects.

Most of the stolen items were quickly returned to the owners, according to the release.