Police Purchasing New Radios at Reduced Price

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by Sam Clanton


BRANSON, Mo. – The Branson Police Department will soon be equipped with 100 new, top-of-the-line, multi-band portable radios, purchased at a significantly reduced priced thanks to excess inventory from the St. Louis area.

Assistant Police Chief Eric Schmitt says the contract with Motorola Solutions is heavily discounted, below the state bid price, saving the city about 330-thousand dollars compared to the purchase of less-robust radios, as originally planned.

Schmitt says this upgrade is in keeping with the kind of improvements that were promised to Branson voters, who approved a new half-cent public safety sales tax in November…



Schmitt says the P25 interoperability-compliant radios will allow for the transition to the statewide digital MOSWIN radio system, permitting enhanced communications with public safety departments across the state.