Sub-Freezing Temps Could Harm Sprinkler Systems

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by Shannon Cay


BRANSON, Mo. – Officials with the City of Branson Fire Department are reminding commercial business owners to protect their fire sprinkler systems from the sub-freezing temperatures.

Battalion Chief Mike Novak says commercial properties across the city have these automatic fire sprinkler systems to extinguish small fires before they get out of hand. However, if the system is allowed to freeze, the pipes may burst or the system may stop working entirely:



Those are places like the attic spaces, exterior stairwells, and outer buildings.

Novak says at this time of the year, it is recommended buildings be maintained at a minimal heat of 45 to 50 degrees. This allows for radiant heat to be throughout the buildings preventing the system from freezing.

For more information about fire sprinkler systems and their maintenance, contact the fire department at 417-334-8550.