M.H. Man Sentenced to 13 Yrs for Sex with Teen

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by Shannon Cay


MOUNTAIN HOME, Ark. – A man from Mountain Home is sentenced to 13 years in prison after admitting to stalking a teen on the internet, leading to him being found naked in the child’s bed.

In a recently filed online court record, 31-year-old Christopher Collins pleaded guilty to internet stalking of a child, fourth-degree sexual assault, and residential burglary.

These charges are in connection with an incident on June 10th this year, when The Newton County Sheriff Department was first alerted to a woman who says she found an unknown, nude man in bed with her underage niece.

Investigators say they later discovered the girl had been talking with Collins on multiple online platforms. The correspondence indicated Collins told the child to keep her bedroom window unlocked for him the night of the disturbance.

During the court date, Collins also pleaded guilty to several unrelated felonies mostly relating to thefts out of Baxter County. He will serve the Baxter County charges at the same time as he is serving his time for Newton County.