Nixa Police Receives $160,000 Grant from Department of Justice

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by Tim Church


NIXA, Mo. – The U.S. Department of Justice awards a $160,000 grant to the Nixa Police Department to create a better coordination with area agencies and upgrade crime reporting.

Public Information Officer Drew Douglas reports a key weakness in the computers and records management systems currently being used by Nixa Police Department is that information about crimes and suspects are not easily shared across jurisdictions. Douglas explains, currently Nixa Police computers don’t talk to Springfield Police or Greene County Sheriff’s Office computers, which creates an information gap for the Nixa P.D.

Until now Nixa has been among other agencies across the Ozarks who are unable to make the transition to the National Incident-Base Reporting System due to the cost of the new software, equipment and retaining of officers to use the system. All police departments across the country are required to make the transition to the NIBRS by January 1st, 2021.

In the press release Nixa Chief of Police Jimmy Liles says “This grant money is a game-changer for the Nixa Police Department. It affords us the ability to roll out some exciting new technology over the next couple of years. Improving our information sharing will make a huge impact on our community. Criminals do not stay within jurisdictional boundaries and often commit crimes in multiple cities. Giving the officers instant access to information from other departments will allow us to better identify criminal patterns, solve crimes and better serve our communities.”