Thousands Removed from AR’s 2017 Medicaid Rolls

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by Shannon Cay


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas Department of Human Services removes more than 80-thousand ineligible people from the state’s Medicaid rolls.

DHS officials say the people were removed from the 2017 rolls after new technology and data were used to show they were no longer eligible for the benefits.

Nearly one-third of those cases involved people who did not report changes of address as required by the state.

More than 25-thousand people were removed from the program because they were receiving public benefits from more than one state.

According to the state report, more than 16-thousand people were removed because of unreported employment.

Others were removed from the program because they were eligible for Medicare or other cases involving inmates who had Medicaid coverage. The agency says it will continue the Medicaid review in the upcoming year.

In a separate news release, Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson called the efforts a model for containing costs and eliminating waste in state government.