New Sales Tax Report Shows 3% Increase over 2016

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by Sam Clanton


FORSYTH, Mo. – Taney County Treasurer Melanie Smith says she is happy to report that the State of Missouri has sent in an additional distribution of sales tax revenue for the December reporting period.

The additional amount is 165-thousand 474-dollars, increasing the monthly total to more than 2-point-9 million dollars, which is almost 13-percent greater than December of 2016.

Smith’s updated year-end sales tax report, issued Thursday, December 14th, shows the balance of General County Revenue at more than 7-point-9 million dollars, marking a total revenue increase of nearly 3-percent over 2016.

This marks the fifth consecutive year Taney County has seen an overall increase in sales tax receipts.

Here is the full report: Sales Tax-December Updated Report 2017