Legal AR Pot Growers to be Licensed in February

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by Shannon Cay


LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission announces the license to grow the substance will be published on February 27th.

According to the five-member board, they received 95 applications from business owners who would like to operate a grow facility.

These applications will be graded and licenses will be awarded to five growers.

In November 2016, Voters in Arkansas also decided to allow the state to give out 32 licenses to sell marijuana.  More than 220 businesses have applied for the seller’s license from all over the state, including one in Eureka Springs.

According to the news release, the commission’s attorney, Joel DiPippa, says the applications will be reviewed and approved or denied in late April.

He says he is expecting that people will be able to purchase marijuana for medical purposes by June of next year.