Heritage USA Leases Former Dogpatch Theme Park

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by Shannon Cay


JASPER, Ark. – Dog Patch USA may be returning, as a conservative entertainment company is now leasing the land.

In a recently released video, David Hare, operator of Heritage USA, says his team is interested in preserving the former theme park’s history while also giving it needed updates:



According to the company’s website, Heritage USA is a group of conservative writers, producers, entertainers, and more who came together to help keep America’s historical sites around.

According to Hare, the new location will be used as a resort for families and travelers to visit. It will also be used for production and broadcast studios. Currently, Heritage USA is in the process of finalizing a lease-purchase agreement with the land’s current owners.

According to the news release, the entertainment company will take control of the former theme-park starting on March 1st.