Pokémon Players Cause Confusion in Huntsville



by Shannon Cay


HUNTSVILLE, Ark. – Pokémon trainers are being asked to park down the street from the virtual gym at the Huntsville Fire Department after players block the fire engine bays.

Fire Chief Kevin Shinn says he isn’t sure how the fire department became the town’s Pokémon gym and he doesn’t mind the public stopping by, however, people who do play the popular augmented reality video game need to realize firefighters have a job to do:



While admittedly he isn’t sure about the finer points of the A-R video game, he is happy to see new faces visit the department:



Since the game’s release earlier this month, it has become almost as popular on a daily basis as apps such as twitter. The Pokémon Go game allows players to capture, battle, and train virtual Pokémon who appear throughout the real world, making use of the GPS and the camera.


According to a Facebook post from the Huntsville Fire Department, oddly enough, players have found lots of fire-type Pokémon lurking around the grounds of the department and invite trainers to “catch’em’all” while parking down the street.











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