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BRANSON, Mo. – Independence Day brings fun and celebration to the Ozark Mountains.  Fireworks are an important tradition for celebrating the 4th of July.  While fireworks can be used safely, they can also pose significant danger to children and adults.

In 2014 there were over 10,500 fireworks related injuries treated in emergency departments in the United States and 11 fireworks related deaths.  Fireworks should always be used in accordance with manufacturer recommendations.  Fireworks of any kind should not be used in close proximity to people or animals and should never be aimed at someone.

An estimated 1,400 people are injured each year by sparklers.  Of these injuries, children between the ages of 5 and 9 make up the highest percentage.  Sparklers can be fun and seem less dangerous than other louder fireworks, however, sparklers can cause serious burns.  Sparklers, depending on the type and chemical makeup can burn at temperatures over 3000 degrees!  Sparks from these fireworks can quickly ignite clothing and other flammable material.  TCAD Paramedics reminds you to closely monitor children around fireworks.

Alcohol and fireworks never mix.  Several deaths and multiple fireworks related injuries can be directly linked to the use of alcohol and fireworks together.

Think safety first, always use fireworks responsibly and keep water or fire extinguishers available.  If someone is injured by fireworks call 911.  TCAD Paramedics hopes everyone has a fun and safe holiday.


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