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BRANSON, Mo. – In step with Branson’s history of family entertainers: The Presleys, Baldknobbers, Duttons, Hughes, Haygoods and more, the Rolf Family seeks to follow in the footsteps of Branson’s Legacy of live Ozark Mountain music entertainment.

The Rolf Family band, called Anthem Glorye Band, has been performing in inspirational venues all across America.  This talented family has traveled coast to coast performing at many Events, Churches, Festivals and RV Resorts around the country.  Here in the heartland, Branson and the surrounding areas have also enjoyed several ‘Anthem Glorye’ performances, including the Showboat Branson Belle Gazebo, Downtown Branson and Veteran’s Reunion Shows around the Ozarks.

The Anthem Glorye Band recently completed a successful 8-week winter Family Music Tour through Florida, performing for over 2000 residents and snowbirds.  The Anthem Glorye Band would now like to bring their Family music back home to Branson’s growing tradition of live Family Music Entertainers.  The Rolf’s musical presentation inspires audiences to “Believe in Family” again as they shine the “Ozark Mountain Spirit” wherever they perform.

“The unrivaled history of live Ozark Mountain family music has inspired us immensely” says the family patriarch, Jory Rolf.  “Our family greatly values the rich heritage of live instrumental and vocal family music that has made Branson famous.   We desire to pass on this great Ozark Mountain Family Music Legacy on to future generations.”

This summer, the Anthem Glorye Family Band will be touring the Northeastern US and Canada.  Their route will include stops in New York, Vermont, Cape Cod, Boston, Maine, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, New Jersey, Virginia, Washington, DC, Tennessee and back to Branson.

Of the Rolf family’s 6 children: Banner, Nation, Anthem, Justus, Honour and Glorye; the oldest four children all entertain on multiple instruments, including fiddle, banjo, guitar, mandolin, upright bass, washboard, hammered dulcimer, accordion, harp, dobro, piano, classical guitar and more.  Their good ol’ fashioned family musical style encompasses bluegrass, folk, gospel, country, old-time fiddle, Irish, original, patriotic and more.

The Anthem Glorye Band is actively seeking venues in Branson this fall, for their inspirational family show during the Fall and Christmas seasons.  The family has also just released their first music CD, It Is Good, featuring classic favorites “Grandpa”, “Church in the Wildwood” and heart-stirring original pieces, written by the family, “Greatest Sermon” and “Keep Her Safe.”  To experience more of the Anthem Glorye Band or to purchase the family’s new CD visit their website:

The Rolf Family has cherished being Branson, MO residents for the past 12 years, and have been very instrumental in celebrating our area’s Core Values found at  To learn more about the Rolf family’s 18-year Family Ministry, visit

If you’ve enjoyed the live family music that has made Branson what it is today, then keep your eyes open for the up-and-coming ‘Anthem Glorye Family Band’ continuing to inspire the next generation to embrace Branson’s Family Music Legacy.  Their Family Anthem will inspire you to believe in family again and celebrate good ol’ fashioned Family Values that still echo across the Ozark Mountain Hills.

The Rolf Family is available for local bookings year-round and can be reached at: 417.598.1314 or email Jory and Tess at:


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