ADEQ Takes Control of Baxter County Landfill



by Shannon Cay


BAXTER COUNTY, Ark. – The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality is taking control of a closed landfill in Baxter County.

The Director Becky Keogh says after several years of uncertainty for the nonoperational and overfilled former NABORS landfill and DAMCO tire yard in northern Baxter County, the ADEQ is sending in engineers, geologists, and risk assessors in an effort to fix the problem…



She says in order to make both areas compliant by the state’s standards, crews plan on continuing DAMCO’s tire dam and put a permanent cap on the landfill:



She says bids for both will go out to contractors by next month. Keogh says the tire yard project has been expedited by Arkansas’ Secretary of State Mark Martin and she hopes crews will begin work before July is over.


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