Crews to Repair Section of Stone Co. Route H



by Sam Clanton


LAMPE, Mo. ā€“ Drivers are advised to be alert for flaggers and one-lane traffic on Stone County Route H in Lampe beginning Tuesday, May 10th as crews do some extensive patching work on a deteriorated section of roadway.

MoDOT crews have already ground off the top layer of asphalt, and will lay new asphalt on the curvy area known as Gravelly Hill, west of Dogwood Village Lane.

Once the new asphalt has time to cure and harden, which could take several weeks, crews will add a textured treatment to the road surface to increase traction.

Weather and/or construction delays could postpone the work.


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1 thought on “Crews to Repair Section of Stone Co. Route H”

  1. Bill Johnston

    Too bad the recent Fatality on Gravelly couldn’t have been prevented by a much-needed and long-sought guardrail. Now, there are busloads of kids coming to the new Younglife Camp who will be travelling in buses driven by those unfamiliar with just how dangerous this section of “H” is. Wonder how many more lives will be lost before the State wakes up and decides to move the road to make room for guardrail ? There isn’t even enough “shoulder” there to support guardrail posts !! Go off the narrow edge of Gravelly and if you hit a tree early you are lucky….you might live.

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