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FORSYTH, Mo. – National Enzyme Company recently welcomed David Lermy as the new Gift of Hope Director.

With 19 years of customer service expertise, leadership development and a passion to network, Lermy brings well-rounded leadership to the expanding needs of Gift of Hope.

“I am absolutely elated to be an integral part of an amazing legacy that is GOH. With my background in networking and compassion-based leadership, my desire is to see GOH not only continue its amazing track record, but to grow to new heights in 2016,” explained Lermy.

Previously, in Oklahoma as an executive non-profit director and a founding member of a statewide leadership development program, Lermy developed a passion for providing resources and relationships to help people thrive, not simply survive in life. This compassionate dedication will now be utilized to lead and expand the programs of GOH and network within the community to fulfill its mission.

The GOH mission is to provide essentials and pathways to independence for Taney County families. Originally started out of the kindness and hearts of NEC employees, GOH has grown from providing help to those who find themselves in less than ideal circumstances around the Christmas holiday, to making sure almost a thousand children throughout the school year go home each Friday with a backpack of food for the weekend.

“When teachers in Taney County schools started noticing how hungry many students were on Mondays, they knew something had to be done, and that is how the Backpack Club began and continues to expand yearly,” said Becky Roberts, President, GOH.

GOH is making a difference in fighting hunger among the children of Taney County, but more can and still needs to be done. As the new director of GOH, Lermy plans on leveraging his ability to bring likeminded individuals to the table to not only continue to expand the current programs but to also find creative and innovate ways to meet the needs of children and their families in Taney County.

“A large part of the support GOH receives, comes through donors and fundraising, so we welcome the opportunity to partner with amazing folks, ready to join us on the journey to alleviate hunger and other poverty-related issues facing the families in Taney County,” Lermy expounds.


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