CID Board Meets for First Time, Votes to Pursue Sales Tax



by Sam Clanton


BRANSON, Mo. – The Board of Directors for the new 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District meets for the first time this week, and votes to pursue a new 1-percent retail sales tax for businesses within the district.

The board also elected Larry Schmitt as Chairman and Executive Director. Schmitt visited with about the Complete Street project, which involves promenade improvements along Highway 76…



The CID currently encompasses about a mile of the corridor. Schmitt says the plan is to expand the district over the next several years…



Schmitt says he’s proud to give voters in the CID an opportunity to determine their own future. He says a special election on the 1-percent sales tax issue will go before property owners in the district at a date to be determined by the Taney County Clerk. He adds that the election will likely occur later this spring.



Additional information (press release from CID Board):


BRANSON, MO –  In a bold move on their day formation  the 76 Entertainment Community Improvement District (CID) voted to call for an election to consider the imposition of a 1% retail sales tax in the businesses within the CID.  The formation of the CID and the 1% retail sales tax are critical to funding the Complete Streets project.  The intention to pursue the 1% tax was made clear in the Formation Petition that was overwhelmingly supported by the Stakeholders in Phase 1A of the Highway 76 revitalization.  The Formation Petition was unanimously approved by the Branson  Board of Aldermen.  Voter consideration of the 1% tax will be  made through an election in the coming months, the timing, of which, will be determined by the County Clerk.

The 76 Entertainment CID Board of Directors is made up of four representatives from Stakeholders in the proposed Phase 1A of the Complete Streets project and three representatives from the City of Branson.  The members include:


Larry Schmitt                                                      Chuck O ‘Day

Gail Myer                                                            Nolan Fogle

Mayor Karen Best                                            Alderman Rick Todd

City Administrator Bill Malinen


Phase 1A of the 76 Entertainment CID spans roughly from Ripley’s on the West to Presley’s on the East. Phase 1A and the District are approximately 6/10ths of a mile on Highway 76.  This is the starting-point for the Complete Streets project.  It is hoped that Stakeholders along the full five miles of Highway 76 will “annex into” the CID in the coming months to enable the full revitalization of Highway 76.

The CID Board of Directors decided upon issues of formation including electing Larry Schmitt as the Chairman/Executive Director, Gail Myer as Vice Chairman and Bill Malinen as Secretary/Treasurer.

Chairman/Executive Director Schmitt stated, “This is another significant step toward a revitalized Branson and it is another example of the courage and spirit of cooperation that this city is known for.  The entire Complete Streets plan has been a people driven process that started from the grassroots.  I am proud to give the voters in the CID an opportunity to determine their own future.  I think it is in good hands.”

Bill Malinen, Secretary/Treasurer stated,  “Since coming to Branson, I have marveled at the public/private cooperation that has enabled this City to become one of our nation’s premiere tourist destinations.  It is that same cooperation that is enabling and empowering the Complete Streets plan.  The City could not do it alone nor could the Stakeholders, but together we have forged a path forward that will give rise to the dream of a revitalized Branson whose place will be secured for decades to come.”

Chuck O ‘Day stated, “In the tourist and entertainment business you are either moving forward or moving backward.  I am proud that the City of Branson and the Stakeholders are making a bold statement about the direction that has been chosen.  We are giving the people a chance to decide their future.”


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