Smoke Causes Partial Evacuation of Radisson Hotel



by Sam Clanton


BRANSON, Mo. – The Radisson Hotel in Branson is partially evacuated this (Thursday) morning after a failing heat and air conditioning unit causes smoke to enter the lower level of the building.

Branson Fire Chief Ted Martin says the smoke was contained to the service area of the hotel, with no apparent fire damage…



Martin says hotel staff did a great job isolating the fire area by closing doors and limiting the spread of smoke, and assisting with the evacuation of rooms adjacent to the service corridor.

Martin says all evacuated areas were able to be re-occupied within about 45 minutes after crews arrived.


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1 thought on “Smoke Causes Partial Evacuation of Radisson Hotel”

  1. Benjamin Allali

    Every hotel room MUST have a FIREMASK. The FIREMASK is an
    anti-smoke mask that will allow you to breathe for 60 minutes in smoke. You can
    find them on AMAZON. Stay safe and smoke free

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