Second Extension Approved for Ballparks of Branson



by Sam Clanton


BRANSON, Mo. – The Branson Board of Aldermen grants another extension to Ballparks of Branson, LLC in its project to construct ball fields and dormitory lodging at the city-owned Factory Merchants Mall property.

The company now has until April 14th to execute a bill of sale for all of the buildings at the former outlet mall, which are being purchased for 100-dollars.

Aldermen extended a previous deadline in order to assist with project financing. Ballparks of America CEO Hamilton Chang says another extension is needed to bring on a large investor from China, who recently visited the property. He says the proposal is now entering the final stages for approval…



The board approved first and second readings of an ordinance extending the closing deadline. Alderman Mike Booth voiced his support for the request based on his review of the conditional finance agreement…



Chang stated if financing is approved this week as expected, work to demolish the mall buildings could start as early as next week.


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2 thoughts on “Second Extension Approved for Ballparks of Branson”

  1. Make the “new owners” get a performance bond. When the buildings are torn down and the property is totally screwed up and the “new owners” belly up the money will be there via the Performance bond to clean it up. What are the chances of this being completed? Slim to none is my guess.

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