Proposed Tax For New Jail Defeated by Voters



by Shannon Cay


MARION COUNTY, Ark. – People in Marion County have cast their vote to say they will pay the 1/4th cent sales tax to maintain a new jail, but they will not approve a ¾ cent sales tax to actually build the new facility.

Poll results show the .25 percent sales and use tax passed by 97 votes, while the .75 percent bond sales and use tax failed by 96 votes.

Sheriff Joan Vickers spoke with Hometown daily news last month, urging voters to pass both taxes:



While there is no official word on what is the in jails future, it will most likely be shut down since the cost to bring it up to state standards would be too expensive, according to Vickers.

If the Marion County Jail is closed, the jail will pay a fee and the prisoners will be taken to another county jail that has space. The 1/4 cent bond is expected to generate about 250-thousand dollars a year.


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