Hollister Mayor Reflects Back for State of City Address

Mayor David Tate
Hollister Mayor David Tate


by Tim Church


HOLLISTER, Mo. – A reflection of where the City of Hollister used to be and where it’s headed is the focus of Thursday afternoon’s Hollister Area Chamber of Commerce 2016 State of the City February Luncheon.

Hollister Mayor David Tate addresses the changes he’s experienced in his last 28 years with the city:



Tate asked chamber members to look back and remember a time when the Hollister City Hall was in the Train Depot, the Police Department was in the red caboose, there was only one fire chief, and the city maintenance crew was made up of one supervisor and four employees.

Tate says now, nearly three decades later, the City of Hollister has made some incredible changes to develop into what it is today, and how it wouldn’t have been possible without the support of the businesses who chose to grow alongside the city.


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2 thoughts on “Hollister Mayor Reflects Back for State of City Address”

  1. Economically Hollister is passing Branson. Their support for businesses is outstanding. They are helpful to those trying to establish a new business, while Branson throws up all the road blocks they possibly can to hinder developers.
    Keep up the good work, Dave Tate, and all the others we have their City’s best interests at heart.

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