MDC Takes Point on Feral Hog Issue in Missouri

Photo: MDC
Photo: MDC


by Tim Church


JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. – The Missouri Department of Conservation continues its work to grow awareness and eradicate the ongoing feral hog problem in the state.

At a meeting on January 22nd, the Missouri Conservation Commission voiced initial approval for recommended changes to the Wildlife Code of Missouri that would prohibit the hunting of feral hogs on lands owned, leased, or managed by the MDC.

The MDC is taking a stand on this particular situation for a number of reasons, according to Private Lands Conservationist Christin Byrd:



Byrd says the next step in this process includes a 30-day public comment period on the proposed regulation changes, which will run from April 2nd, to May 1st. Public comments can either be submitted by mail to: Missouri Department of Conservation, Regulations Committee, PO Box 180, Jefferson City, Missouri 65102-0180. Comments can also be submitted by email to, or online at

Following a final Conservation Commission consideration of citizen input and staff recommendations, the anticipated effective date of the regulation changes is planned for September 30, 2016. Potential penalties for illegal hog hunting could include fines and the loss of hunting privileges.

More information on feral hogs can be found here.



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2 thoughts on “MDC Takes Point on Feral Hog Issue in Missouri”

  1. This is simple to see thru. There is no season on feral hogs, therefore, there are no permits to be sold and no income from the hog hunting. If they can have a few meetings and throw out a little BS there will be a hog season and a permit to buy. Then it will be there idea, and all will be well. They have this same plan on re-introducing elk and bear back into Missouri. Hunting with permits equal $$$. It’s all about money.

  2. MDC says hunting of feral hogs separates and spreads them and they want land-owners and the public to contact them and they will come and trap the entire herd. Only problem is: how many trapping operations and personnel do they have and how long a delay between placing the call and getting action ? Weeks, Months, Years ?? They recently had $100,000 to give to a Table Rock Dock owner as a reward for enlarging his Marina’s dock-slips so bigger and bigger boats could dock there and pump-out holding tanks so I guess they are loaded and can’t use that excuse.

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