McDonald’s Employees Fight Fire in Eureka Springs

(photos courtesy of Eureka Springs Fire Department)
(photos courtesy of Eureka Springs Fire Department)


by Sam Clanton


EUREKA SPRINGS, Ark. – Some fast-thinking employees of McDonald’s in Eureka Springs extinguish a brush fire next the restaurant this (Friday) afternoon.

Fire Chief Randy Ates says a discarded cigarette started the fire in a row of bushes adjacent to the drive-through…



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Ates says employees used buckets of water to beat back the flames, and had the blaze contained by the time crews arrived from the nearby fire station. The employees received special recognition for their impromptu bucket brigade…



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1 thought on “McDonald’s Employees Fight Fire in Eureka Springs”

  1. How many fires are these blasted careless smokers going to cause ? We just luckily intercepted a grass fire caused by one of these people’s tossed-butts just feet before it went up into the siding on a neighbor’s garage.

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