Semi-Trailer Being Loaded with Charcoal Catches Fire

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by Tim Church


BRANSON, Mo. – A semi-trailer catches fire while being loaded at the Royal Oak Charcoal Plant Tuesday afternoon.

The driver of the truck and owner of 103 Transportation out of Las Vegas, Nevada told KRZK’s Tim Church at report time he was unsure of the cause of the fire. The driver explained he was in the truck when he noticed smoke coming from behind him. He worked to extinguish the fire before pulling the truck away from the charcoal plant and detaching the truck from its trailer.

At the time of the fire the trailer was believed to only be around three-fourth’s full of charcoal and possibly lighter fluid.

The semi-truck itself received minor damage, but the trailer was a total loss. At the time of the incident no injuries were being reported.

The Branson Fire Department and the Western Taney County Fire Protection District responded to the fire. For video of the fire join us at our KRZK Facebook page.


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