Eiserman Ave: ‘All American Street’

thumb_e639522973cec07thumb_6bf2827df9eb9adAn anonymous letter left by an avid jogger calls Eiserman Avenue in Branson an “All-American Street”.

The following letter was left underneath the doormat of Eiserman Avenue resident James Snow.

The letter reads as follows:

Dear Resident of Eiserman Avenue,

I wanted to write a simple letter of admiration to those who are fortunate to live on Eiserman Avenue. I am a simple runner, and have had the privilege of jogging down your street for the past year. There are a few things I wish you to know as I have traveled down this street through the seasons.

Your street strikes me as a very special place. This street has such a simple, nuanced, and yet striking beauty. I am sure all of you are in different places in your lives and all struggling with different trials, wondering how someone could find such an appreciation for your street, but understand, you are envied.

I have lived in many places across the country and the world, but your street just feels unique. It truly is an “All-American” street. I see you tending to your gardens and lawns, engaging in home repairs, decorating for holidays and greeting other neighbors as you go about your busy lives. Your individual stories and legacies could be written of in songs and novels and painted in beautiful and comforting art. Sometimes I just stop and take a deep breath to savor the sweet moment your street offers. The struggles and worries of my life seem to be lighter as I jog past your homes.

Eiserman Avenue is a hopeful, bright, a light in an increasingly dark world. It gives true hope for the future. Home ownership has yet to be my privilege and I hope to end up on an Eiserman Avenue of my own someday.

These might not be the biggest and nicest homes in Branson, but know that, or today, you are the greener grass on the other side of this hopeful runner. Please take a moment to see the things you have been blessed with. Recognize how lucky you are to live where you live and continue to be the best neighbor you can be. I hope you know the struggles of your fellow neighbors and will continue to help each other out in times of need, keeping the hope of this great street alive in the hearts of others. Eiserman Ave can be forever be the fream and envy of many passerby’s for years to come.

With all sincerity,

A Grateful Observer

Full story here: http://mp3/template_maxi/player_mp3_maxi.swf


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