Day: November 18, 2014

Warmer Temps Ahead This Week

BRANSON, Mo. – The bitter cold temperatures hitting the Ozarks the past week will subside as warmer temperatures are on the horizon. Andy Boxell with the National Weather Service in Springfield talks with… http://mp3/template_maxi/player_mp3_maxi.swf Boxell says temperatures will climb back into the upper 40’s beginning tomorrow with a chance of 50 degree weather this …

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$300k Raised for Boys & Girls Club

BRANSON, Mo. – The Third Annual Thanks4Giving Gala raises 300-thousand dollars last week as the fund raising event continues to set records. The gala benefits the Boys & Girls of the Ozarks and has grown every year: http://mp3/template_maxi/player_mp3_maxi.swf That was CEO Billy Rader. This year’s featured speaker was former U.S.Navy Seal, Marcus Luttrell, who shared …

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Record Low Temps at Springfield, Joplin

A new record low temperature is recorded in Springfield, Missouri this (Tuesday) morning at 9-degrees Fahrenheit. Mike Griffin is a meteorologist for the National Weather Service… http://mp3/template_maxi/player_mp3_maxi.swf Meanwhile, there’s a new low temp record in West Plains at 10-degrees, and the all-time record for the month of November is broken at Joplin, where temps dropped …

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