MH Increases Vacation Guides

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The Mountain Home Chamber of Commerce distributes information about our area by various means…Welcome Centers; local motels, resorts, grocers, restaurants, financial institutions, etc…; attending travel, sport and trade shows in the U.S.; visitors stopping by the Chamber office; but our most measureablesource of distribution are requests from our website,

Prior to FOCUS Mountain Home, the Chamber’s five-year economic development initiative, a total of 30,000 guides were printed annually. The majority were distributed but there were usually a few leftover. In 2013, we felt the need to increase our production to 35,000 copies, and then printed an additional 10,000 guides. All 45,000 were distributed by the end of November 2013. Fortunately we have guides remaining from previous years to send to inquiries. In 2014, 45,000 Vacation/Relocation Guides were delivered to us in January and all were distributed by mid-August. We are currently mailing out the remaining leftovers from previous years.

In January 2015, an 18-wheeler will back up to the Chamber office and we will unload 60,000 guides. Yes, we plan on distributing all of them. Yes, our postage expenses have amplified. Yes, we expect more visitors, retirees, young families and businesses to arrive, enjoy our natural resources and consider making Mountain Home their home.

Your Chamber is working for you and the entire Twin Lakes Area.

Thank you for your continued support of FOCUS Mountain Home.