Amendments 2 & 10 Projected to Pass

thumb_f4750d81684336fThe unofficial results for the amendments on the Missouri General Ballot indicate voters have passed Amendments 2 and 10 during yesterday’s election.

Amendment 2 receives 72.5 percent of the vote. It will allow relevant evidence of prior criminal acts in the prosecution for a sexual crime involving a minor. This amendment overturns the Missouri Supreme Court 2007 decision in State v. Ellison which stopped the state from allowing this type of evidence because the court found it unconstitutional.

57.4 percent of Missouri voters support Amendment 10. This will put a limitation on the governor’s role in budgetary decisions including the ability to restrict education and other state services funding.

76.9 percent voted against Amendment 3. The amendment would have changed the way teachers would be evaluated based off of a standard evaluation system and student performance.

Amendment 6 has also fails with 71.4 percent of votes against the issue. This would have allowed for early voting for six days before the election.


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