Vote Counting Software Down in Boone Co.

thumb_7e5f6acdf38b168The Boone County Clerks office is counting votes manually as its counting software is down. A similar malfunction happened in the Taney County Clerk’s Office in the August primary.

Nothing to report so far in the Harrison mayoral race between incumbent Jeff Crockett, Jerry Jackson, and Dan Sherrell. We’re still awaiting results from the early voting period as well as absentee votes.

With just over 71-thousand votes in so far with the U.S. Senate race between incumbent democrat Mark Pryor and Republican challenger Tom Cotton – it’s Cotton in the lead with 58-percent of the votes compared to Pryor’s 36-percent

With the Arkansas Gubernatorial race, Republican Asa Hutchinson is currently in the lead with 58-percent of the votes… Democrat Mike Ross is trailing with 38 percent… just over 70-thousand votes counted so far in that race.


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