Arkansas Issue Update

thumb_f4750d81684336fIssue NO.1
Arkansas voting for Issue Number one 59.93 percent in favor of the amendment. Issue Number one is an amendment saying administrative rules made by state agencies will not become effective until they have been reviewed and approved by legislative committee of the general assembly. Current number of total votes on the amendment is 454,136.

Issue Number 2
54 percent are for Issue number 2. The amendment would allow more time to collect petition signatures if the petition has already been filed with 75-percent of the valid signatures required. Total number of votes is 456,201.

Issue Number 3
Issue number three has had a total of with just over 53.22 percent of those voting for the cause to prohibit members of the general assembly and elected constitutional officers of the executive department from; accepting gifts from lobbyists, setting their own salaries, and from registering registering as a lobbyist until 2 years after the expiration of the their term. The amendment will also establish a citizens commission to set salaries for the general assembly and establish term limits for members of the general assembly.

Issue Number 4
56 percent of the votes in Arkansas have voted against Issue number 4 also know as the Arkansas Alcoholic Beverage Amendment. The amendment says the general assembly would regulate alcohol rather than prohibit, meaning there would no longer be any dry counties in Arkansas.

Issue Number 5
66 percent of the 475,562 votes counted are in favor of Issue Number 5. Issue number 5 would gradually increase Arkansas minimum wage from 6.25 dollars to 8.50 dollars an hour.


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