Ozarks Folklore Forecasts Cold Winter

thumb_8481d918897765fthumb_4f3b760f75e6609BRANSON, Mo. –  According to Ozarks folklore, the upcoming winter season can be determined by interpreting a symbol on the seed of a persimmon fruit.

Patrick Byer, a Horticulture Specialist with the University of Missouri Extension in Greene County, has collected hundreds of persimmon seeds from various counties in southwest Missouri over the last several years. A fork symbol supposedly means warmer temperatures, a spoon suggests above average snowfall, and a knife suggests colder temperatures ahead:


Byers says there isn’t any real scientific data behind his tongue-in-cheek research, but says he collects the seeds to educate the public on Missouri fruits.


Persimmon are bitter in taste and once they ripe they do not keep for very long. They can be frozen and used in bread, muffins, cookies, cakes and pudding.


Full story: http://mp3/template_maxi/player_mp3_maxi.swf


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