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thumb_fc199774739a14fWhile the New Year is often when people vow to start exercising, CoxHealth Fitness Center Branson Manager Chris Thaller said autumn is actually a great time to start building healthy habits. Autumn offers a chance to enjoy the outdoors when temperatures are not too cold or too hot.

“For people who are just starting to exercise, walking is great,” Thaller explained. “People can also try short hikes and work up to longer hikes while enjoying our beautiful Ozarks scenery.”
For anyone looking to take their fitness regimen to the next level, Thaller said running hills in the Tri-Lakes Area is a great outdoor activity.
“Also, running stairs or bleachers at a local high school or junior high track can be fun and challenging,” Thaller said.

While the great outdoors has its advantages when it comes to workouts, it also comes with some disadvantages this time of year too. With shrinking daylight hours and winter just around the corner, Thaller said people might want to consider a gym membership.
“Our fitness center has a lot to offer anyone on any fitness level,” Thaller said. “We offer a temperature-controlled indoor track for those just wanting to walk or jog. We also have two full-length indoor basketball courts for our athletes. For fitness center enthusiasts, our equipment is second to none in this area and we also have some great instructors for group aerobics and wonderful trainers who can work with anyone at any level.”
Included in fitness center membership are 25 classes each week, the indoor track and basketball court.
For people who might say they are too busy or too tired to workout, Thaller said he understands.
“Most people nowadays don’t necessarily have the time to exercise, that is why they have to make the time and make it a priority,” he said. “A lot of people I’ve found that have busy work and personal lives make time in the morning by setting their alarms and getting up early. The bottom line is, if you don’t make it a priority, you won’t do it.”
Lack of energy also shouldn’t be an excuse, but a reason to start moving.
“Lots of people fall into the trap of saying they don’t have the energy to exercise,” Thaller said. “Most people, however, find that they more they exercise the more energy they have the rest of the day at work and with their family.”
For more information about CoxHealth Fitness Center Branson or to schedule an appointment with a personal trainer, call 348-0060.


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