Liquor Compliance Checks Show Improvement

thumb_642d089ed287788The City of Branson recently conducted random compliance checks of establishments with City of Branson liquor licenses to determine if clerks are verifying that the purchaser is of legal age to buy alcohol. Branson Police officers worked with the assistance of minors to conduct the spot checks of businesses throughout the City.

Over the past few days, 95 businesses were checked for compliance. The results showed that 91 of 94 businesses were in compliance with the liquor code. This is a 97% compliance rate; a rate which has been steadily improving over the 72% compliance rate achieved just a few years ago. This is the third compliance check this year, improving upon excellent results in the previous checks. The April compliance check showed 94% compliance (89 of 95), and the June check showed 92% compliance (89 of 97).

The businesses checked fell into one of two categories; either package liquor sales, or ‘sell by the drink’ in a restaurant or bar. During the compliance check this week, the minors that worked with the officers were able to purchase packaged liquor in only 1 of the 25 stores checked, and were able to buy a drink of alcohol in only 2 of the 70 businesses checked.

The City credits the improvements in the compliance for local businesses to consistent enforcement. Another reason for the higher rate of compliance is the training required of servers, cashiers and bartenders by the City of Branson. Each license holder is required to have their staff attend an approved “Responsible Liquor Selling” training session, which focuses on liquor sales laws and regulations and how to properly check identification. The City holds these training sessions every other month at City Hall. A refresher class is required every two years.


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